Thursday, June 05, 2008

Summer plans

History (by special request)

Should be plenty to do!

3rd Grade Activities: Weeks 34-37

RELIGION: daily prayer; attend Mass; Bible readings; read life of St. Ita.

MATH: Singapore Math: addition and subtraction to 3-digits, simple multiplication and division with pictures of objects; count, add and subtract money; oral math; review place value to 4 digits; greater than and less than signs: assign correct sign to pairs of 2-digit numbers; add, identify, and write numbers to hundreds; review money: bills to $1000; demonstrate large numbers with Montessori place value cards and write them; real-life math: calculate passage of time in minutes; time4learning online activities.

PHONICS: Explode the Code 6 activities; time4learning online activities.

HANDWRITING: practice upper and lowercase letters; spelling and writing for books, cards, posters, lists; write greater and less than signs and 3-digit number answers for Singapore math.

SPELLING: spell number words (2-digits); work on plurals: baby/babies, fairy/fairies, candy/candies, sky/skies, fly/flies; spelling for notes, lists, books, posters and cards.

WRITING/GRAMMAR: practice writing lower case letters and words; write sentences and discuss proper punctuation: capitalization, commas, periods, colons, semi-colons, exclamation points.

READING: Where Does This Come From? Ice Cream, H. I. Peeples;
Safe, Warm, and Snug, Stephen R. Swinburne;
Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip, Joanna Cole;
I'd Rather Have an Iguana, Heidi Mario;
Moo Who?, Margie Palatin;
Eric Carle's Dragons and Other Creatures That Never Were;
Nellie and the Bandit, Eileen Ross;
I'm Dirty!, Kate McMullan;
Silly Mummy, Silly Daddy, Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick;
While You Are Sleeping, Alexis Deacon;
Substitute Groundhog, Pat Miller;
If I had a Dragon, Tom Ellery;
Freckleface Strawberry, Julianne Moore;
A House for Hermit Crab, Carle, Eric;
Green Wilma, Arnold, Tedd;
Rover, Rosen, Michael;
Have You Seen My Duckling?, Tafuri, Nancy;
A Cake for Herbie, Mathers, Petra;
Baby Bird, Dunbar, Joyce;
Strange Stories for Strange Kids;
Beautiful blackbird, Bryan, Ashley;
Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon, Patty Lovell;
The Family Book, Todd Parr;
Martha Walks the Dog, Susan Meddaugh;
Seven for a Secret, Laurence Anholt;
Mama's Wild Child/Papa's Wild Child, Dianna Hutts Aston;
Jamaica and Brianna, Juanita Havill;
Stop, Thief!, Robert Kalan;
Mom Pie, Lynne Jonell;
Mommy Go Away!, Lynne Jonell;
Big Time Olie, William Joyce;
Tiny's Big Adventure, Martin Wadell;
When Mommy Was Mad, Lynne Jonell;
Hot Air: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Baloon Ride, Marjorie Priceman;
Time Flies, Eric Rohmann;
Do Not Disturb, Nancy Tafuri;
What Kind of Baby-sitter Is This?, Dolores Johnson;
The Best Class Picture Ever!, Denis Roche;
A True Book(s): Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Pterodactyls, Elaine Landau;
A True Book(s): Chickens, Pigs, Sara Swan Miller;
You're Too Big!, Simon Puttock;
Snow Day!, Barbara M. Joosse.

Read Zoo Books, Ranger Rick's, Click, and Sesame Street magazines,
Sunday funnies and Garfield comic books.

HISTORY: Learn about, play, and sing African American Spirituals; attend a pioneer day at historical country store: learn to make a rag doll, rope, and operate a 2-man saw.

SCIENCE/NATURE: attend Basic Engineering and Construction classes: build a bridge, motorcycle and bulldozer from oral directions and demonstrations; knock down lego wall with bulldozer; drive motorized cars across the bridge.

Do and narrate baking soda experiment; measure and calculate using a measuring tape; read Magic School Bus, and the Electric Field Trip, Moving Heavy Things (Jan Adkins), How Do They Grow?: From Piglet to Pig (Jillian Powell) and From Tadpole to Frog (David Stewart); work in Electricity workbook (The Energenius Safety Program, PG&E); online activities.

Read Ranger Rick's and Zoo Books magazine articles; care of pet fish.

Watch Billy Nye the Science Guy: marine Mammals, and Jeff Corwin: Bats, Marsupials, and Elephants (DVDs).

MUSIC: listen to classical and contemporary music; listen to choir rehearsals and performances; read and play piano lessons from Progressive Keyboard Book 1, Andrew Scott; begin piano classes; piano practice; song writing; theory: learn note names/values; draw a piano keyboard; practice scales.

Listen to songs on There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly ... and more Stories That Sing, Scholastic DVD.

ART: attend art classes: Drawing and Painting Animals, and Mosaic Treasure Box; make clay creations, including fairies and mermaids; illustrate a song; make a chart showing ages and stages of children; illustrate and write Thank You note.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: attend bilingual Mandarin/English story time at the library: vocabulary: farm animals,

READ ALOUD: Swan Lake, Mark Helprin;
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J. K. Rowling;
The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien;
LaRue for Mayor, Mark Teague;
The Sheep Fairy, Ruth Symes.

P.E.: participate in volleyball practices and games; play at the dog park; jump on trampoline; park time with friends.

FIELD TRIPS: tea in a Japanese tea garden, walk across the Bridge, visit a mission, explore some tidepools, visit historic lighthouse and fort.