Thursday, February 14, 2008

3rd Grade Activities: Week 22

RELIGION: daily prayer; attend Mass; Bible readings.

MATH: Singapore Math 2-digit addition including regrouping of tens, and subtraction; Developmental Math addition and subtraction review; solve real life math problems involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication; divide 3 hours of the day into minutes and budget the minutes for various tasks, then add them up to see how much free time is left.

PHONICS: Explode the Code 5 and 6 activities.

SPELLING/HANDWRITING: practice upper and lowercase letters; spelling and writing in comic books.

WRITING: write about Garfield and friends; write a prayer.

READING: reading in Klutz art project book;
read about Betta fish from A True Book: Siamese Fighting Fish, Elaine Landau;
Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep, Joyce Dunbar;
The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman, Darcy Pattison;
The Cookie-Store Cat, Cynthia Rylant;
Sunday funnies and Garfield comic books, including Garfield Weighs In, Jim Davis.

HISTORY: read about the meanings of ancient Egyptian symbols; watch Lost Treasures of the Ancient World: Hadrian's Wall, Edge of the Empire (DVD).

SCIENCE/NATURE: care of fish; observation of animals and plants; plant some seeds.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: attend Mandarin class: review counting and vocabulary; learn: Ego nauta sum (I am a sailor) from Getting Started with Latin, William Linney.

READ ALOUD: read 2 stories from A Treasury of Dragon Stories, Margaret Clark; read from Wizard of Oz series.

ART: draw Egyptian symbols on "mummy case"; do various art projects in Klutz: A Book of Artrageous Projects; illustrate books; draw and color characters; make creations from modeling clay; Acrylic painting class: finish painting a landscape on canvas.

MUSIC: listen to classical, and contemporary music; make up songs; sing.

P.E.: basketball practices and game.

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