Thursday, February 14, 2008

3rd Grade Activities: Week 21

RELIGION: daily prayer; attend Mass; Bible readings.

MATH: Developmental Math subtraction review; solve real life math problems involving addition, subtraction; Singapore Math: addition, subtraction, bar graphs, compare quantities, fill in missing numbers, group tens and calculate number of items, base ten concepts; multiplication, division demonstrations with counters; dot-to-dot-puzzle.

PHONICS: Explode the Code 5 activities; read 3-syllable words -- breaking words into syllables.

SPELLING/HANDWRITING: practice upper and lowercase letters; spelling and writing in comic books.

WRITING: Silly's Family; The Wright Brothers.

READING: Drat That Fat Cat, Pat Thomson;
Cat Skidoo, Bethany Roberts;
Ten, Nine, Eight, Molly Bang;
Contrary Mary, Anita Jeram;
Oh No, Toto!, Katrin Tchana;
If You Give a Pig a Party, Laura Numeroff;
Sunday funnies and Garfield comic books, including Garfield Bigger and Better,
Garfield Takes His Licks, Garfield Dishes It Out, Jim Davis.

HISTORY: read about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Dust Bowl from The Complete Book of United States History, McGraw-Hill.

SCIENCE/NATURE: care of fish; observation of nature; read, measure, and prepare simple recipe (hot cereal).

READ ALOUD: Wizard of Oz books, Frank Baum.

ART: draw Sily's family (the O'Funnies); draw bunny family, butterflies; make a valentine; illustrate math pages; attend Acrylic painting class; draw and color bugs from Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids cartoon.

MUSIC: listen to classical and contemporary music; sing.

P.E.: basketball practices and game.

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