Tuesday, June 06, 2006

1st Grade Activities: Week 39

Monday (holiday)
1. History: attend Memorial day service at the national cemetery, including American songs and speeches by veterans and local community, government, and military leaders; discuss presence of a group of protesters outside, and the presence of policemen there; visit a relative's grave.

1. Science/Nature: make a simple catapult to throw stones into the water; observe a small spider.
2. Art: make a set of medical instruments to play veterinarian; watch How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, Stan Oliver (DVD) and draw some characters; make 2 doll sized American flags; rubber stamp art; make a paper star sheriff badge for the Sheriff of Biggle Wiggle Eagle.
3. Music: listen to Haydn Piano Sonatas Nos. 11-16, 18; sing songs.
4. Creative Writing: make a poster for a fictional prairie town (dictate text): "Welcome to Biggle Wiggle Eagle. The cook is Mom. She will cook anything you want her to. The sun sets are beautiful. Sheriff is Dad. Explorer is Rose. You eat, nap, roundup. You eat, nap, roundup, listen to the radio. Biggle Wiggle Eagle is great! I love Biggle Wiggle Eagle!"

1. Music: listen to Beethoven Symphonies 1 and 6.
2. Science/Nature: observe and draw ocean, cave, rocks, mud, flowers, sunset.
3. Religion: pray; read short bio. of the saint of the day; read Bible readings for today.
4. Geography: read about the state of Iowa.
5. Read Aloud: Magic Tree House #1 Dinosaurs Before Dark, Mary Pope Osborne.
6. Art: make a clay model of the Pteranodon from the Magic Tree House book; "make a baby one too, and magnolia flowers for them to munch on."
7: Handwriting: write PTERANODON on a stand for the model dinosaur.
8. Spanish: story time at the library.
9. P.E.: run and play at the park.

1. Religion: pray; read short bio. of the saint of the day; read Bible readings for today.
2, Math: ask "What does the second century mean?" Explain that a century is a hundred years. The first century is 0-100, the second century is 100-200, etc.
3. Read Aloud: Magic Tree House #2 The Knight at Dawn.
4. Music: sing made-up songs; attend choir rehearsal.
5. Art: clay creations: pink pig, doll items.
6. Reading: signs and chapter titles, read handwritten fragments in the Magic Tree House books.

1. Religion: pray; read short bio. of the saint of the day; read Bible readings for today.
2. Geography: watch American Road Trips: California, Hawaii, Alaska, a Travel Channel video.
3. Sign Language: watch Signing Time, Vol. 3: Everyday Signs video; practice and use the signs; sing a song from the video.
4. Read Aloud: Magic Treehouse #3 Mummies in the Morning, #4 Pirates Past Noon.
5. Math: put 29 Magic Treehouse books into numerical order (with a little help by first grouping them into 1-9, teens, twenties).
6. Music: listen to Beethoven, Sonata no. 5: "Spring", Sonata no. 9: "Kreutzer"; selections from Spin Doctors.