Thursday, February 14, 2008

3rd Grade Activities: Week 20

RELIGION: daily prayer; attend Mass; Bible readings.

MATH: Developmental Math addition and subtraction review; Singapore Math: perform calculations using picture graphs; solve real life math problems involving addition, subtraction; lots of subtraction, 2-digit addition, multiplication (various sources).

Time4Learning online activities: telling time to the minute; calculating elapsed time.

PHONICS: Explode the Code 5 activities.

SPELLING/HANDWRITING: practice upper and lowercase letters; spelling and writing in comic books.

READING: Snow White story online book; Sunday funnies and Garfield comic books, including The 9th Garfield Fat Cat 3 Pack, Jim Davis.

GEOGRAPHY: study U.S. states.

SCIENCE/NATURE: care of fish; weigh toys using gram weights, 1-gram blocks, scale; dog walking.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Chinese: review colors, look at characters in a story online.

READ ALOUD: Ozma of Oz, Frank Baum;

ART: build a house with 1-centimeter cubes; clay creations, drawings, comic books.

MUSIC: listen to classical, and contemporary music; sing.

P.E.: basketball.

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