Thursday, April 03, 2008

3rd Grade Activities: Weeks 23-26

RELIGION: daily prayer; attend Mass; Bible readings; read about Saints Genevieve, Joan of Arc, and Catherine of Siena.

MATH: Singapore Math: multiplication, mental addition, addition of up to 3-digit numbers, regrouping, borrowing and carrying, graphing, and fact families; Time4Learning online activities: shapes, fractions, time and money. Read The Great Graph Contest and create graphs of butterflies, flowers, and other creatures.

PHONICS: Explode the Code 6 activities, including vowel blends and multi-syllable words; Time4Learning online activities including verb tense agreement, rhyming, word endings ing and ed.

HANDWRITING: practice upper and lowercase letters and words; spelling and writing in comic books, greeting cards, posters.

SPELLING: spell four-letter and multi-syllable words orally and with tactile letters.

WRITING: write about Garfield and friends; write silly songs; watch a video on the Wright Brothers and write a summary.

READING: Cornelius, Leo Lionni;
Frederick, Leo Lionni;
Library Mouse, Daniel Kirk;
Mouse Views: What the Class Pet Saw, Bruce McMillan;
Cranberry Valentine, Wende and Harry Devlin;
The Great Graph Contest, Loreen Leedy;
Silly Tilly's Valentine, Lillian Hoban;
The Hunt for Rabbit's Galosh, Ann Schweninger;
Freckles and Willie, Margery Cuyler;
Valentine Foxes, Clyde Watson;
time4learning online books;
Zoo Books magazines, Sunday funnies and Garfield comic books.

HISTORY: read about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for Presidents' Day from The Complete Book of U.S. History, Grades 3-5, and also chapters about the Revolutionary War, heroines of the Revolutionary War, the three branches of government, and the election and duties of a president.

Read about Joan of Arc and Catherine of Siena; attend a live performance on the life of Catherine of Siena; Time4learning activities: Native Americans.

Read from All Ye Lands: World Cultures and Geography, including The Middle Ages: the Crusades, the rise of towns, guilds, merchants, cathedrals; England in the Middle Ages: kings beginning with William the Conqueror, the Magna Carta, and the Legend of Robin Hood.

SCIENCE/NATURE: read Zoo Books and other nature magazine articles on predators and prey, pandas, sharks, prairie dogs, insects, and snakes.

Read about and draw a skeleton from The Skeletal System, Alvin Silverstein, including bone structure, composition, strength, and joints.

Time4Learning activity about the Arctic; identify constellations in the sky.

Watch Really Wild Animals: Totally Tropical Rain Forests, and Fantastic Families DVDs; also shows about a swamp ecosystem and evolution of animals in the Galapagos Islands.

MUSIC: listen to classical and contemporary music; attend choir rehearsals.

ART: plan and execute a mosaic design with ceramic tiles; modeling clay creations: people, animals and cartoon characters; draw cartoon and comic book characters, animals, objects, and scenes; make a wizard costume and a bat model.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: attend Mandarin class: identify, write, and pronounce subjects of study, days of the week, numbers, time; make and illustrate a book about the family; make a Chinese valentine and flashcards; translate passages; practice writing Chinese characters. Participate in Mandarin story time at the library and answer questions about dates, animals, counting, and the Lunar New Year.

READ ALOUD: Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Kevin Lewis;
The Mouse Bride: A Chinese Folktale, Monica Chang;
Pleasant Fieldmouse's Valentine Trick, Jan Wahl;
One Zillion Valentines, Frank Modell;
read from Fundamental Basketball, Jim Klinzing,
and books in the Wizard of Oz series.

P.E.: basketball practices and games; read about the history and rules of basketball; watch and discuss basketball games on television; run and play with dogs at the dog park.

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