Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3rd Grade Activities: Weeks 31-33

3rd Grade Activities: Weeks 31-33

RELIGION: daily prayer; attend Mass; Bible readings; read about St. Ita from a biography.

MATH: Singapore Math: 2-digit addition and subtraction, simple multiplication and division with pictures of objects, count, add and subtract money; oral math: 2-digit addition, and addition of millions; complete dot-to-dot puzzle to 50; review borrowing for subtraction; take standardized tests; work mazes in Amazing Mazes, Kumon; Developmental Math: addition and subtraction review; count using tally system; ask and calculate lots of math questions; time4learning.com online activities; write large numbers.

PHONICS: Explode the Code 6 activities; time4learning online activities.

HANDWRITING: practice upper and lowercase letters; draw lowercase letters a-z in the air; spelling and writing for books, cards, posters, lists.

SPELLING: oral spelling: words with 4 or more letters and compound words; online spelling game on Tumblebooks; and time4learning.com online activities.

READING: Hurty Feelings, Helen Lester;
Giant Steps, Elizabeth Loredo;
Olvina Flies, Grace Lin;
The Alphabet Tree, Leo Lionni;
Matthew's Dream, Leo Lionni;
Triceratops, A True Book, Elaine Landau;
Dogs, Gail Gibbons;
StarWars: I Want to Be a Jedi, Simon Beecroft;
StarWars: Star Pilot, Laura Buller;
StarWars: What Is a Wookiee?, Laura Buller;
My Pal Al, Marcia Leonard;
Mr. Mc Mouse, Leo Lionni;
If I had a Dragon, Tom Ellery;
Freckleface Strawberry, Julianne Moore;

Read along with several online books at Tumblebooks; read Zoo Books, Ranger Rick's, Click, and Sesame Street magazines, Sunday funnies and Garfield comic books.

LANGUAGE ARTS: present artwork and creative writing to teacher; take standardized tests.

HISTORY: Read again from The Story of Money; read about the Renaissance: Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Gutenberg, Luther, Protestants, and the Council of Trent from All Ye Lands: World Cultures and Geography.

SCIENCE/NATURE: attend Basic Engineering and Construction classes: build a motorized car from parts using tools; race the cars, disassemble car; build an Erector Set glider according to oral directions; build and test a catapult; design and assemble a forklift.

Listen to animal sounds: Sounds of the Fascinating Animal World recording;
human body drawing: draw the brain, heart, lungs, stomach and related systems; time4learning.com online activities; read Ranger Rick's and Zoo Books magazine articles about nature and animals; read about magnetism from the Klutz Book of Magnetic Magic, Paul Doherty, and do magnetic experiments and tricks shown in the book.

Read Pumpkin Circle: The Story of A Garden, George Levenson;
The Human Body at Your Fingertips, Judy Nayer;
A True Book: Triceratops, Elaine Landau; and
I Am Your Pet: Dog, Matthew Rayner.

Watch The Jeff Corwin Experience: Turtles; Bears; Amphibians; and Popular Mechanics Kids: Slither and Slime (DVDs).

MUSIC: listen to classical and contemporary music; listen to choir rehearsals and performances; read and play piano lessons from Progressive Keyboard Book 1, Andrew Scott; begin piano classes; piano practice; compose simple pieces; sing and dance; identify and draw instruments while listening to various pieces of music.

ART: attend art classes: Drawing and Painting Animals: study haunches, legs, neck, skeletons and muscles of animals and how they move and proportion; make sketches of dogs; paint a cat and background.

Create modeling clay figures: people, animals, cartoon characters, centaurs; sketch the motorized car, glider and catapult built in Engineering class; design and build model forklift with Erector set; drawing of piano keys on a keyboard with an animal representing each note for two octaves; add additional illustrations to the Peter and Wendy book.

Using the computer: modify a photo in Photoshop and draw a dragon, hat, knight's armor and dog; make an alphabet book of large letters and illustrate the printed copy.

Read fine art books: Art for Children: Animals Observed, and Looking at Nature.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Mandarin class: translate, review vocabulary and pronunciation; attend bilingual Mandarin/English story time at the library: more vocabulary.

READ ALOUD: When Elephant Goes to a Party, Sonia Levitin;
Dinosaurs! Strange and Wonderful, Laurence Pringle;
Bruh Rabbit and the Tar Baby Girl, Virginia Hamilton;
To Dinner, for Dinner, Tololwa M. Mollel;
Fable: The Monkey and the Crocodile;
Substitute Groundhog, Pat Miller;
and Wizard of Oz series.

P.E.: participate in volleyball clinic, practices and games; play at the dog park; jump on trampoline; park time with friends.

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